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These are beers that are consistently sought after. This is a good place to start if you are just beginning to explore beers from Belgium! You may also want to check out the sampler packs category, if you're still not sure where to start.
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Spencer Trappist Ale 25.4 oz Item 4259

Spencer Trappist Ale 11.2 oz Item 4258

Spencer Trappist Ale Glass Item C99

Trappist Preserves - Personal Selections Item A89

Trappist Rum Fruitcake (2 lb.) Item 1010

Mystic Monk Classic Coffees (ground) Item A58

Fudge Royale Item A31

Praylines, Monastery Pralines (12-oz box) Item 1904

Mission Farm Whiskey Cakes Item B82

Milk Chocolate Butter Nut Munch Item A10

Fruit Tarts (set of 6) Item 1714

Guadalupe Abbey Fruitcakes (1 lb.) Item A37

Celtic Throw Item 2583

The Pope's Cologne Item 2708

Immaculate Waters (lavender) Item B90

Crucifixion Pendant with Small Cross (gold) Item 3432

Caramel Assortment (large) Item 2961

Northwest Alder Plank Grilling Set Item B86

Holy Cross Abbey Creamed Honey Item A41

St. Francis Prayer Mobius Bracelet (silver) Item 2566

Gregorian Chimes Item B21

Fleece Meditation Robe Item A27

Fish & Loaves Cup & Plate Item A26

Julian of Norwich, Patron of Cats (statue) Item 3155

Sister Joan's Nutri-Bits (for dogs) Item B87

Ancient Echoes (CD) Item 1856

Olivewood Rosary & Box Item 1769

Trappist Mug Item A87

Home Incense Set for Christmas Item 1791A

Monk Shots Item C25
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