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Monastery Greetings' Story & Vision

In 1997, founder Will Keller wrote nearly 350 monasteries and religious communities in the United States and Canada and asked them about products they make and sell to the public. During this research, he discovered that, while these community businesses have numerous high-quality products, often they do not have the time or resources to reach a wide audience. Hence, the concept of Monastery Greetings was born and tailored to meet their marketing needs.

Monastery Greetings is the only printed catalog and website in the USA that sells only products from monasteries, convents, abbeys and hermitages. The first catalog was launched on a small scale in the fall of 1999. In 2002, we were honored by the monks of St. Joseph's Abbey, in Spencer, Massachusetts when they asked Monastery Greetings to handle retail mail order fulfillment of Trappist Preserves (an award-winning product line that includes 30 flavors of preserves, jellies, conserves and marmalades and is the largest monastic business in the United States.) Today, through the Monastery Greetings catalog and website, more than one hundred religious communities now make their products available.

Similar to the way we handle Trappist Preserves for St. Joseph's Abbey, we would like to act as a fulfillment services for products made by other religious communities. Also in the future, Monastery Greetings wants to be a place where these community businesses can share ideas about marketing and product development.

The long-range vision for Monastery Greetings is to gather monastic products from all over the world.

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