Simply Divine Sweet Dip Mix

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From Monastery Immaculate
Conception, Ferdinand, Indiana

Made by Benedictine sisters, Simply Divine Sweet Dip Mix is great for adding a dash of sweet, cinnamon flavor to your dips and desserts. Pairs well with fruits, nuts, cheeses, and other desserts. Two recipes included on the package topper, for Sweet Spice Fruit Dip and Sweet Spice Coated Pecans.

2 oz. packet (56.7 grams)

Monastery Immaculate Conception: Ferdinand, Indiana

The Ferdinand Benedictines are one of the largest Benedictine communities of women in the United States -- over 100 members strong and thriving.

Monastery Immaculate Conception was founded in 1867 by four young Benedictine sisters who came to Ferdinand to teach the children of area settlers. More than 1,000 women have entered the community over the last 150+ years. They've expanded their ministries beyond education and beyond Ferdinand. Today, they serve as teachers, social workers, parish ministers, counselors, nurses, attorneys, youth ministers, administrators, entrepreneurs, activists, chaplains, librarians and more.

The history of Monastery Baked Goods is rooted in a love of baking among the sisters. In support of Christkindlmarkt, an annual German festival held in Ferdinand, the sisters started making and selling Springerle, a traditional German cookie. Today they produce a variety of cookies and other baked goods whose sales help to support their ministries.
Ingredients: sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, salt

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