Mother's Day Petite Truffles

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From Brigittine Monks

These luscious, creamy chocolate truffles are handmade by the Brigittine monks at Our Lady of Consolation Priory in Amity, Oregon. Their fudge has given them a lasting reputation as skilled confectioners; these divine treats are sure to uphold that reputation and please any discriminating chocolate lover!

Bite-sized and full of flavor, these are delicious chocolate indulgences to share, savor, and send to beloved mothers, grandmothers, and godmothers. Mother's Day Collection contains 3 each of Extra Dark, Hazelnut, and Salted Caramel -- in a Mother's Day-themed gift box.

Nine divine .5 oz truffles in a 4.5 oz. box

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Our Lady of Consolation Priory: Amity, Oregon

The monks of Our Lady of Consolation Priory live according to the ancient Rule of St. Augustine, a guide for religious life written in about the year 400. St. Bridget, who founded the Order of the Most Holy Savior (the "Brigittines" included monks and nuns) in 1370, modified the precepts slightly, having been influenced by Cistercian monks. Our Lady of Consolation Priory's founder, Brother Benedict Kirby (1929-1998), was one of several men in the 20th century to have the dream of restoring the male branch of the Brigittine Order, whose last member had died in 1863. Circumstances didn't allow the others to succeed, but this, the only house of the order, has now survived for well over 40 years.

The monastery is on 44 acres situated 55 miles southwest of Portland. Brigittine Monks Gourmet Confections began in 1982 as a way for the monastery to offset some of its expenses, but the business has grown so steadily each year that the sales of their fudge and truffles have now become the order's sole source of income.

Ingredients: Oban Unsweetened Chocolate Wafers (unsweetened chocolate), Fondant Sugar, Cream (milk), Prime Bourbon Vanilla (water, propylene glycol, ethyl alcohol, natural flavors, corn syrup, caramel color (R13467), Perfecto Invertase-Single Strength (glycerol and invertase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae), French Vanilla Semisweet Chocolate (semisweet chocolate, unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter), sunflower lecithin, vanillin (an artificial flavor), vanilla, Semisweet Chocolate Darkote Ribbons (semisweet chocolate (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, milk fat butter)), sunflower lecithin, vanilla, Hazelnut Butter (dry roasted hazelnuts), Hazelnut Flavoring (propylene glycol, alcohol 43.9%, water), Hazelnuts, White Pastel Ribbons (sugar, palm kernel and palm oils, whey, nonfat milk, titanium dioxide, natural flavor, color, sunflower lecithin, vanilla), Caramel Paste (invert sugar, syrup, sugar, caramel, water, glucose syrup, flavoring, QUID 18% caramel), Caramel Color, Himalayan Pink Salt.

Contains: Milk, Hazelnuts. Produced on shared equipment that may contain traces of soya, tree nuts and peanuts.

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