Chant: Music for the Soul (CD)

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From the Cistercian Monks of
Heiligenkreuz Abbey, Austria

The story of this CD is well-known. A large recording company first heard these monks on the popular website YouTube. They learned what we know already: that chant is the perfect antidote to our fast-moving modern world and has proven to heal, calm and give strength. This Austrian abbey is the second-oldest Cistercian monastery in the world and the oldest continuously active one; Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has declared this to be one of his favorites. All sung in Latin, chants include In Paradisum, Requiem, Compline and Spiritus Domini, plus two interludes of Abbey bells.

29 selections
Total time: 53:38

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Heiligenkreuz Abbey: Heiligenkreuz, Austria

Stift Heiligenkreuz (Holy Cross Abbey) is a Cistercian monastery in the village of Heiligenkreuz in Austria. It has existed without interruption since its foundation in 1133 and is thus the oldest continuously occupied Cistercian monastery in the world. Stift Heiligenkreuz is nowadays one of the most vibrant monasteries in central Europe; at present there are over 70 monks in the monastic community, the focus of which is the liturgy and Gregorian chant in Latin. Some of the monks also have pastoral duties in the 17 parishes for which the abbey is responsible or serve as professors at the Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule. Others serve in caring for the upkeep of the historic abbey.

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1. Antiphon "In Paradisum" et Psalmus 121 (122) 4:28 (SAMPLE)
2. Responsorium "Subvenite" 2:29 (SAMPLE)
3. Responsorium "Libera Me" 4:27 (SAMPLE)
4. Stift Heiligenkreuz Bells 1:36 (SAMPLE)
5. Missa pro defunctis: Introitus "Requiem aeternam" 2:00
6. Missa pro defunctis: Kyrie 1:38
7. Missa pro defunctis: Graduale "Requiem aeternam" 2:40
8. Missa pro defunctis: Tractus "Absolve Domine" 2:10
9. Missa pro defunctis: Offertorium "Domine Iesu Christe" 3:40
10. Missa pro defunctis: Sanctus 0:46
11. Missa pro defunctis: Post Elevationem: "Pie Iesu Domine" 0:50
12. Missa pro defunctis: Agnus Dei 0:44
13. Missa pro defunctis: Communio "Lux aeterna" 1:08
14. Ad Completorium: Deus in adiutorium 0:49
15. Ad Completorium: Hymnus "Te lucis ante terminum" 1:24
16. Ad Completorium: Psalmus 4 2:33
17. Ad Completorium: Psalmus 90 (91) 3:46
18. Ad Completorium: Pslamus 133 1:12
19. Ad Completorium: Lectio brevis 0:27
20. Ad Completorium: Responsorium breve 0:40
21. Ad Completorium: Canticum Simeonis "Nunc dimittis" 2:18
22. Ad Completorium: Kyrie 0:12
23. Ad Completorium: Oratio conclusive 0:48
24. Ad Completorium: Antiphona ad Beatam Mariam Virginem "Salve Regina" 2:47
25. Ad Completorium: Benedictio 0:19
26. Stift Heiligenkreuz Bells 1:00
27. Hymnus "Veni Creator Spiritus" 2:32
28. Introitus Dominica Pentecostes "Spiritus Domini" 2:38
29. Communio Dominica Pentecostes "Factus est repente"
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2 reviews

I Like It A Lot
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Feb 7, 2024  |  By Timothy
Some of the CD does not strike me as being as nice as the rest of the CD, yet I wholeheartedly recommend the CD to anyone remotely interested in Gregorian Chants. I listened to it every day. Very glad I was able to find it.

Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Mar 22, 2016  |  By Charles M.
It is continuous with peaceful tones that soothe the soul, both in the car traffic and in my home.
Charles M.