Lead Like a Monk (paperback)

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Benedict's Path to Cultivating Meaning, Joy, and Purpose at Work

Internationally bestselling author and German monk Anselm Grün presents ancient wisdom for leadership today.

Leadership is not about power, status, and titles. According to the Rule of St. Benedict, true leadership is about awakening creativity in others and building an environment of trust and respect. It's less about maximizing profits and more about finding meaning.

Radical in its time, this 6th century rule offers an approach to leadership that is clear and refreshing in its simplicity. Benedict is primarily concerned with the characteristics of a leader, and how such a person needs to work on himself in order to be able to lead at all. To Benedict, leading through personality is more important than any methods and strategies.

Whether you lead a business, a family, a non-profit, or a church group, this book will help you discover the joy of leadership and create a sanctuary where a group of people mobilize their spiritual resources, ask relevant questions, love, trust, and respect one another.

160 pages, paperback, 4-1/2" x 7-1/4"