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From the Holy Rood Guild

From The Holy Rood Guild at St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts, Laudate Incense (derived from the Latin word laudare, meaning to praise) has a spicy citrus scent that will fill your soul with praise.

1-lb. resealable foil bag keeps incense fresh & fragrant

St. Joseph's Abbey: Spencer, Massachusetts

St. Joseph's Abbey is a monastery of the Catholic Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (O.C.S.O.), popularly known as the "Trappists", located in Spencer, Massachusetts.

The Abbey was founded in 1950 by Belgian and French Trappist monks from the Monastery of Our Lady of the Valley in Valley Falls, Rhode Island, which had burned to the ground. In the rustic hills of central New England, they established a new home in which to follow an age-old contemplative way of life.

The monastery became known internationally as the origin of the Centering Prayer movement, whose leading proponents were monks at the monastery: Fr. William Meninger, Fr. M. Basil Pennington and Fr. Thomas Keating.

Work has always been greatly esteemed in the Cistercian tradition, since it gives the monks the opportunity to follow in Christ' footsteps and share in His Divine work of creation and restoration. The monks produce products whose sale provides for their livelihood and for the care of the poor. Since the 1950s, they have produced Trappist Preserves, their popular line of jams and jellies. Since 1949, The Holy Rood Guild has created beautiful, finely-tailored liturgical vestments to enhance the dignity of the Sacred Liturgy.

How to burn incense in your home:

First, if using larger charcoal break it into halves or quarters. One quarter piece of charcoal is sufficient for most small censers used at home. If using small (dime size) charcoal, there is no need to break it up.

Next, use kitchen tongs, pliers, or large tweezers to hold the charcoal over a lighted candle or a gas flame. It is best to do this over a metal pan or sink as the charcoal will spark. Place the charcoal into your censer bowl and wait until it is glowing red.

Finally place a pinch (about 1-3 grains if a granular incense) of incense onto the smoldering charcoal. Cense the rooms of your house making the sign of the cross.

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Dependable Service and Excellent Product
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Nov 7, 2022  |  By DR WM M.
Our Parish Church has used this wonderful incense in our thrice-weekly Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Holy Hours and Benediction. I strongly encourage others to do the same. Blessings,

one of my favorite incense
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jun 24, 2022  |  By Connie
Laudate is one of my favorite incense! We use it in my church parish as our basic incense used most often. It is easy on allergies which is a huge plus in this area. Smells great!

Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jun 24, 2022  |  By John L.
This is one of my favorite incense for the liturgy!
John L.

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