Dark Chocolate Squares

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From Mount St. Mary's Abbey

Bite-size pieces of fine European-style chocolate with a smooth, semi-sweet flavor. Recent studies have shown that dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and (in moderation!) lowers blood pressure. A delectable, healthy treat!
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Mount St. Mary's Abbey: Wrentham, Massachusetts

Mount Saint Mary's Abbey is the first monastery of Cistercian Nuns in the United States. Located in scenic New England in southern Massachusetts close to the Rhode Island border the Abbey is easily acessible from Boston or Providence. The sisters come from all parts of the United States and from several other countries.

The first sisters arrived in 1949 from St. Mary's Abbey (Glencairn, Ireland).The community grew rapidly and in 1964 the first foundation was made in Dubuque, Iowa. Our Lady of the Mississippi was followed by Santa Rita Abbey, Sonoita, Arizona in 1972 and Our Lady of the Angels, Crozet, Virginia in 1987. At present there are around 40 sisters at Wrentham. They support themselves by making Trappistine Quality Candy.

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3 reviews

Dark chocolate delight
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jun 3, 2024  |  By Maria P.
Very smooth delicious chocolate treats. Excellent quality and flavor. Priced right. Will order again!
Maria P.

Mmm-melting away in my mouth
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Nov 2, 2021  |  By RobinElizabeth
Exquisite chocolate knows no competitor. Inhale the intense dark aroma of The Dark Chocolate Squares. Press one Dark Chocolate Square into your mouth slowly because, as it crosses the threshold of the lips, the anticipation mounts after teasing the lips with a hint of the impending delight. Ah! The small square, though thin, is thick enough to require a bite in two. Smooth, silky chocolate melts as the tongue savors the richness unknown since chocolate's advent into the world of unknown pleasure for the palate. Slowly the teeth chew a morsel in a foray with the tongue resisting this hasty attempt to subdue the lingering satisfying experience of pure chocolate decadence melting in the mouth.And then, it is gone but the memory remains and the mouth waits patiently after an appropriate pause to rest satiated by this extraordinary event. Rush not too quickly for another Dark Chocolate Square. Rather, breathe deeply and anticipate the Moment of Great Delight that continues to change history bringing unimaginable pleasure to any aficionado of the cocoa bean. Now, it is time to remove the box lid, set aside the white paper veil, and select The Piece . . .

Heavenly delights
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jan 8, 2017  |  By Ron M.
Heavenly delights made with tender loving care. The perfect gift for the ones you love.
Ron M.