Catholic Prayer Bible (paperback)

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Lectio Divina Edition

Lectio Divina, the reflective reading of scripture, has been a staple of monastic life from the earliest centuries, but it can offer real spiritual enrichment to all people. This edition (using the New Revised Standard Version) is ideal for the purpose, offering sidebar notes and commentary throughout to help and guide you through the four steps of Lectio Divina: Read, Reflect, Pray, and Act.

Lectio Divina is simple enough to be done anyplace where there is some quiet or peace, and at any time of day when you can find a few minutes; it can last for as long or as short as you wish to make it. Read the Bible more prayerfully and more completely, and carry on an intimate dialogue with God. 1,948 pages, approximately 6-1/8" x 8-1/2" paperback.

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