Balsamic Vinegar Glaze (250 ml)

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Imported from Modena, Italy
From the Abbey of San Pietro

This intensely-flavored balsamic glaze comes from the Benedictine Abbey of San Pietro in Modena, Italy. A perfect blend of deep, dark sweetness and bright, piquant tartness, it's a versatile condiment. Just a drizzle brings brilliant, concentrated flavor to salads or pasta, grilled meats or vegetables, and even desserts.

250 ml squeeze bottle

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Monastero San Pietro, Modena, Italy

San Pietro monastery dates back to the tenth century. Suppressed during the French Revolution, it was reopened by the Duke of Modena, and closed again by the House of Savoy (1866). In both times of closure, one monk stayed on as parish priest. Apart from a brief period (1926-1938) Benedictine monks have always lived in this abbey.

From its earliest days, the monastery had a dispensary which was for centuries the focal point of the medical-pharmaceutical services of the city. The products on offer included preparations made from herbs and flowers grown in the adjacent courtyard. Closed in 1796, the dispensary was reopened in 2007; it sells products from Italian and other European Benedictine monasteries.

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