Rise Up With a Listening Heart (hardcover)

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Reflecting and Meditating with
the Monks of New Skete

From best-selling authors the Monks of New Skete, Rise Up is sure to set the mood for reflection and encourage spiritual growth. A book to be kept by the bedside for daily reading or given as a gift for any occasion.
Uplifting, helpful and encouraging meditations on the theme RISE UP are aimed to celebrate, to console and to inspire us all on our daily life journey. The monks offer gentle guidance and spiritual wisdom on subjects such as forgiveness, creativity, silence, nature, food, loneliness, laughter and the promise of each new day. Hardcover, 80 pages.

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New Skete: Cambridge, New York

New Skete is a contemplative monastic community of men and women living within the tradition of the Orthodox Church in America. They consist of the Monks of New Skete, the Nuns of New Skete, and the Companions of New Skete. The three communities live in separate houses within three miles of each other outside the village of Cambridge in upstate New York. They gather twice daily for services, chanting the Orthodox liturgy a capella in four-part harmony.

New Skete's history begins in 1966 with a group of Byzantine Rite Catholic Franciscan monks who left the Franciscan Order to set up a more authentically Byzantine house. In 1969 a group of Catholic "Poor Clares" (Franciscan nuns) joined them, becoming a sister monastic house. In 1979 the monks and nuns were received into the Orthodox Church in America. In 1983 a group of married couples and widows joined, forming what has become known as the Companions of New Skete.

The New Skete communities breed, raise, and train German shepherd dogs, as well as training all breeds at their kennels. All three communities produce gourmet food products, in addition to selling music and translations for church services. The communities also offer hospitality to visitors and pilgrims.