Home Brewed Evangelism (paperback)

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The Catholic Drinkie's Guide to

A priest, a blogger, and a homebrewer walk into a bar…

If you want to know what happens next, this book may be just what you're looking for! Blogger Sarah Vabulas, (the Catholic Drinkie), shares her story of how she brought her passion for the Church and her passion for a good drink together into a mission of evangelization.

You'll read all about the history of alcohol while exploring instances of drinking in Scripture and learning about the patron saints of beer. You'll also find a how-to of homebrewing, with plenty of recipes and tips. With Sarah's skillful storytelling, you'll soon see something more than froth here. A conversation with the Catholic Drinkie is where brew meets faith.

Includes a Beer-Brewing Monks Section with information about monastic life, the monastic brewing tradition and profiles of Trappist breweries -- including the new brewery at St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts which is the first Trappist brewery in the United States.

208 pages, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"

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About the Author:
Born and reared in the Atlanta area, Sarah Vabulas graduated from Saint Mary's College at Notre Dame. She worked for a Congressman in the United States House of Representatives for 3 years before realizing she could turn her social media addiction into a paying career. She works in social media now, but after hours she's a Catholic geek, home brewer, and beer connoisseur at Catholic Drinkie, where she blogs about living as a faithful young adult Catholic and about her pursuit for the perfect home-brewed beer.