Saints Golf Balls



For golfers whose outings frequently result in futile hunts for missing balls; for those who despair of ever improving their game; and for those who just need a little luck, these Saints Golf Balls offer a reminder that prayer can help!

St. Anthony of Padua is invoked by millions as the finder of lost objects – who better to call on when your ball goes astray?

St. Jude is known as the patron saint of desperate situations and lost causes – does it seem you just can't avoid the hazards? Ask St. Jude for help.

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland – may the luck of the Irish help your ball find the green!

Golf With The Saints: One of each: St. Anthony, St. Jude & St. Patrick -- for those who need the help of all three saints!

Each pack has three golf balls.

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  • St. Anthony Golf Balls (3-pack) (Item #3093)
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  • St. Jude Golf Balls (3-pack) (Item #4286)
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  • St. Patrick Golf Balls (3-pack) (Item #4287)
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  • Golf with the Saints (3-pack) (Item #4288)
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