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Display as a sign of hope in Jesus and of solidarity with our Christian brothers and sisters who are being persecuted and martyred by ISIS in the Middle East. Approx. 6" x 4" x ¼", with hook for hanging

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About The Orange Cross Project:

The Orange Cross Project is a grassroots effort to raise awareness of the persecution and martyrdom of Christians in the Middle East by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). These victims were targeted specifically because of their religious beliefs, and the aim of the project is to see this religious genocide stopped immediately. The Orange Cross Project

  • shows a stance of solidarity with the Martyrs and persecuted Christians
  • reminds us to offer prayers for both the persecuted Christians and the families of the martyrs
  • encourages the United States Government to recognize this murder as genocide and become a leader in combating this hatred.

The cross, the ancient symbol of all Christians, reminds us of the fact that Christ himself was executed for religious and political reasons by an oppressive government, just as the Middle Eastern martyrs of today are being executed by ISIS. The brave Christian martyrs of Iraq and Syria are uniquely united to Christ's own death through their martyrdom, and because of this, they will be uniquely united with Him in the Resurrection as well. On February 15, 2015 ISIS released a video showing the martyrdom of 21 Christians calling them "the people of the cross".

The color orange is used in solidarity with the Middle Eastern martyrs who are forced to wear bright orange jumpsuits as they are marched out onto beaches to be publicly beheaded. On the cross is the Arabic letter "Nun," which is commonly used as an abbreviation for "Nasrani" (Nazarene), a term for Christians. This symbol has been painted by ISIS on the homes and businesses of known Christians, preemptively marking those individuals for persecution. Just as the Jewish people were marked and persecuted by the Nazi regime of Adolph Hitler, so are Christians now being marked and persecuted by the Islamic regime of ISIS. ISIS uses the "Nun" as a mark of shame, but the Orange Cross Project promotes it as a sign of Christian brotherhood and love.

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