Office of the Passion of St. Francis (hardcover & CD set)

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(hardcover & CD set)

The "Office of the Passion of the Lord" is a devotional Office written by St. Francis of Assisi himself. It consists of 15 "psalms" which are composites of various verses, mostly from the Davidic psalms but also from other parts of scripture and pious sentiment.

This prayer has been used for centuries by Franciscans, and is an approved substitute for the Liturgy of the Hours for members of the Secular Franciscan Order.

Set includes CD "The Geste of the Great King", with music composed by Josef Raischl, SFO to accompany the book; the book contains notation for all the music on the CD.

Book: hardcover, 342 pages, leatherette bound

CD: 22 selections, total time 53:27

Book is newly edited and translated, with instructions for use by Laurent Gallant, OFM and Andre Cirino, OFM, music by Josef Raischl, SFO, and illustrations by Marcus Lisle and Christine Cavalier. CD features the Canticum Novum of the Music College in Augsburg, Germany accompanied by keyboard, saxophone and guitar.

1. Praises To Be Said at All the Hours (SAMPLE)
2. Prayer (SAMPLE)
3. Antiphon (SAMPLE)
4. Psalm One (SAMPLE)
5. Antiphon
6. Blessing-Dismissal
7. Psalm Two
8. Psalm Three
9. Psalm Four
10. Psalm Five
11. Psalm Six
12. Psalm Seven
13. Psalm Eight
14. Psalm Nine
15. Psalm Ten
16. Psalm Eleven
17. Psalm Twelve
18. Psalm Thirteen
19. Psalm Fourteen
20. Psalm Fifteen
21. Antiphon
22. Blessing-Dismissal