Food, Feast & Fast (hardcover)

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The Christian Era from Ancient World to Environmental Crisis

Most of us would not call our daily meal a feast. In fact, we take eating for granted unless we are food insecure or live in poverty or are being treated to a fine dining experience. We fast these days for health reasons, not religious ones. For many, eating is something that is just done, with little thought and no fanfare.

However, this book aims to change our view of food and the lack of it. P. Fintan Lyons OSB, a monk of Glenstal Abbey in Ireland, offers a magisterial history of feasting and fasting, from Biblical times through the modern era. We learn of changes in the design of kitchens and dining rooms, the introduction of the fork, and the histories of animal welfare and vegetarianism.

In clear, considered, and insightful prose, Lyons weaves together an impressive body of historical and theological literature to argue that 'the role of food, feast and fast in the Christian life' must now speak to what he calls 'the looming environmental crisis', with answers that are both spiritual and political.

Hardcover, 407 pages, 6" x 9"

P. Fintan Lyons OSB, a monk of Glenstal Abbey in Ireland, has a PhD in Reformed Theology and taught Reformation History in the Angelicum University and the Pontifical Liturgical Institute, Rome. He was a member of the International Pentecostal-Roman Catholic Dialogue and has published widely on ecumenical and liturgical topics.

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