Caritas: Favorite Chants & Hymns (CD)

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From the Daughters of Mary
Favorite Chants & Hymns

The Daughters of Mary Mother of Our Savior are a traditional congregation of Sisters in upstate New York. This album includes many of their favorite hymns and Gregorian Chant selections from the liturgical seasons of the year, recorded in their chapel. A unique feature of some of the songs is the harp accompaniment, played by the Sisters, specifically "Mater Plena", Regina Caeli Jubila", and "Jesus, Meek and Lowly".

For the Sisters, singing is a form of prayer. It is their hope that by means of their music many souls will come to know the love that burns in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

16-page booklet features photos of the Sisters and lyrics in Latin and English.

17 tracks,
Total time: 48:19.

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1. Rorate, Caeli (Drop Down Dew, Ye Heavens) (SAMPLE)
2. Attende, Domine (Look Down, O Lord) (SAMPLE)
3. Ave, Regina Caelorum (Hail, O Queen of the Heavens) (SAMPLE)
4. Jesus, Meek and Lowly (SAMPLE)
5. Ubi Caritas (Where Charity and Love Are)
6. The Angel of the Lord
7. Regina Caeli, Jubila (Rejoice, O Queen of Heaven)
8. Ave Maria (Hail Mary)
9. O Gloriosa Virginum (O Glorious Among Virgins)
10. Mater, Plena Gloria (Mother, Full of Grace)
11. Gloria Patri (Glory Be to the Father)
12. Adoro Te Devote (Devoutly I Adore Thee)
13. Ave, Verum Corpus (Hail, True Body of Christ)
14. Panis Angelicus (The Bread of Angels)
15. Christus Vincit (Christ Conquers)
16. Jesu, Rex Admirabilis (Jesus, Wondrous King)
17. Miserere Illi, Deus (Have Mercy on Him, O God)