Benediktiner Weissbier (4-can pack)

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Brewed by: Benediktiner Weissbrau for Ettal Abbey
Country: Germany
Style: Wheat Beer/Hefeweizen

ABV: 5.4% rating: 48 rating: 86
Can Size: 16.9 oz

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Benediktiner Weissbier (ABV 5.4%) is brewed in partnership between Bitburger Brewery Group and Benediktiner Weissbräu GmbH following original Benedictine recipes from Ettal Abbey and using special brewing yeast from the village of Ettal.

It pours bright amber with uniform opacity and a fine-textured white head. The full wheat taste is enhanced by a citrusy effervescence. 16.9 oz can (4-can pack).
Klosterbrauerei Ettal: Ettal Abbey, Ettal, Germany

Klosterbrauerei Ettal is one of the very last remaining authentic German monastic breweries still operated and managed by its "true" owners, the monks of the Holy Rule of St. Benedict.

Since 1330 the monastery Kloster Ettal has lived and worked in accordance with the Holy Rule of St.Benedict. Since 1609, the monastery's own businesses - its brewery & distillery, and farming - have provided the funds to sustain its centuries-old buildings, art treasures and educational facilities.

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