St. Roch Pendant (patron of dogs)

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Patron of dogs, dog lovers, and invalids

Handcrafted in USA of fine grained, translucent porcelain clay; intricate St. Roch image is rendered in slip glazes and fired permanently into the porcelain at 2200 degrees so it cannot peel or wear off. Finished to a satin touch, oval pendant is approximately 1" by1-1/2" and hangs on a 32" braided black rayon cord.

Gift-boxed with St. Roch information card.

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Saint Roch (circa 1295-1327)
Patron of dogs, dog lovers, and invalids

Roch was born a French noble, but early on he developed a strong sympathy for the poor. At the age of 20, he gave his fortune to the poor and left on a pilgrimage. He came across a town afflicted by the plague. He stayed to help the sick and miraculously cured several people, but then got the disease himself. He went into a forest to die, but a stray dog fed him food stolen from his master's table and Roch recovered. Roch was arrested but never mentioned his nobility. He died after five years in prison.