St. Bernardus Tripel 25.4 oz

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Tripel 25.4 oz

Brewed by: St. Bernardus Brewery
Country: Belgium
Style: Tripel
Color: Gold

ABV: 10.0% rating: 99 rating: 95
Bottle Size: 25.4 oz.

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St. Bernardus Tripel is an abbey style tripel that pours a golden color with a small white head and expressive carbonation.

Top fermented and bottle conditioned, the brew boasts aromas of citrus, clove, yeast and bread, candy sugar, banana and peach.

Taste follows the nose and opens sweet with notes of mango, orange and lemon-zest followed by fruit and balancing notes of spice and hop bitterness.

The mouthfeel is light to medium bodied with an 8.0% ABV present but not overpowering; the finish is long, slightly bitter, warming and dry.

Food Pairings

Despite its strength, it makes a good aperitif; or try it with asparagus, artichokes or salads.

Pair with tabbouleh, hummus, baba ganoush or similar dishes from the Balkans, Armenia or the Eastern Mediterranean.

This Tripel style beer pairs well with pork and is also well-suited to pungent cheeses such as Gorgonzola and Limburger and sharp cheeses such as Blue and Cheddar.
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BrewView on St. Bernardus Abbey Tripel
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jul 18, 2016  |  By Belgian Beer Journal
OVERALL IMPRESSION: St. Bernardus Abbey Tripel is a sumptuous beer. It is a beer that definitely improves in aroma and flavor as drinking time goes on. Another world class beer for sure, as all St. Bernardus beers are. Will please the most discerning of drinkers who enjoy the Abbey / Trappist Tripel style. Seek this one out for sure, highly recommended. It is another must have. For more, visit our BREWVIEW ON ST. BERNARDUS ABBEY TRIPEL:
Belgian Beer Journal