Singing with Mary & the Saints (CD)

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From Saint John's Abbey

The Gregorian Chant Schola of Saint John's Abbey includes monks as well as theology and music students; men and women sing together, which roughly replicates the medieval sound of monks and choir boys singing in octaves.

In this album they sing with Mary and the saints, starting with the feast of the Annunciation in which the angel announced to the Virgin Mary that she would bear Jesus, and then singing through the church year and marking the saints on their individual feast days, culminating with the feast of All Saints' Day on November 1st.

Recorded live on location at the Emmaus Chapel on the campus of saint John's University, Collegeville, Minnesota.

16 selections
Total time 58:54

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Track listing:
1. Ave, Maria (Hail Mary), Annunciation (3/25) (SAMPLE)
2. Ecce, virgo (Behold a virgin), Annunciation (3/25) (SAMPLE)
3. Hymnis angelicis (With angelic hymns), St. Scholastica (2/10) (SAMPLE)
4. Iustus germinabit (The just will blossom), St. Joseph (3/19) (SAMPLE)
5. Hodie Sanctus Benedictus (Today St. Benedict), St. Benedict (3/21)
6. Tu, puer (You, O child), St. John the Baptist (6/24)
7. Tu es pastor (You are shepherd), Ss. Peter and Paul (6/29)
8. Ignem veni mittere (I came to cast fire), St. Ignatius of Loyola (7/31)
9. Beatus iste sanctus (Blessed this saint), St. Dominic (8/8)
10. Quia ergo femina (For as a woman), St. Hildegard (9/17)
11. Magna est Gloria (Great is the glory), St. Matthew (9/21)
12. Vivo autem ego (I still live), St. Francis of Assisi (10/4)
13. Vos qui secuti estis (You who have followed), St. Luke (10/18)
14. Gaudeamus (Let us rejoice), All Saints (11/1)
15. Gospel of Matthew, All Saints (11/1)
16. O quam gloriosum (O how glorious), All Saints (11/1)

St. John's Abbey: Collegeville, Minnesota

Saint John's Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota is a Benedictine monastery affiliated with the American Cassinese Congregation. The Abbey was founded from Saint Vincent Abbey of Latrobe, Pennsylvania in 1856. Saint John's is the second-largest Benedictine abbey in the Western Hemisphere, with 153 professed monks. The community operates The Liturgical Press, St. John's University, and St. John's Preparatory School, all located on the 2500 acre Abbey site, which comprises lakes, prairie, and hardwoods on rolling glacial moraine, and has been designated as a natural arboretum.

The Abbey's Hill Museum and Manuscript Library is also the home of the St. John's Bible, the first completely handwritten and illuminated Bible to have been commissioned since the invention of the printing press.