Our Lady of Mount Carmel Scapular

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From Carmelite Monastery,
Colorado Springs

Handmade with love and devotion by Carmelite nuns at their monastery in Colorado; beautiful emblems are attached with a hand-embroidered edge. Sturdy, long-lasting and washable, scapular is 100% wool. 1-1/2 x 2 inches with 18" braided strings. Information/prayer card included.

The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

In the year 1251, in the town of Aylesford in England, Our Lady appeared to St. Simon Stock, a Carmelite. She handed him a brown woolen scapular and said, "This shall be a privilege for you and all Carmelites, that anyone dying in this habit shall not suffer eternal fire." In time, the Church extended this magnificent privilege to all the laity who are willing to be invested in the Brown Scapular of the Carmelites and who perpetually wear it.

True devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary consists in three things: VENERATION, CONFIDENCE AND LOVE. By simply wearing the Scapular, we can tell her every moment of the day that we venerate her, love her and trust in her protection.

More information about the scapular

Carmelite Monastery: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Peace reigns in a Carmelite monastery; it is a world apart. The noise and values of the world have no place there. Carmelite nuns live lives of poverty and silence, of prayer, penance and sacrifice for the world, hoping that the austerity of their lives will be acceptable reparation for the losses and sufferings of the Church and the ills of the world at large. The scope of their concern, then, is the whole world.

The main "work" of the Carmelite is prayer. The day begins at 4:30 a.m. and ends at 10:30 p.m. Eight hours are spent in prayer and two hours in recreation; about five hours are given to manual work, reading and study. Except for the time of recreation, the nuns strive to keep strict silence and recollection so as to make their lives of prayer continuous. During recreation, they may converse, but their hands are always busy on the many and various works by which they support the community. They depend, also, on the generosity of friends and charitable alms of the faithful.

The Carmelite nuns withdraw completely from the world and dedicate themselves entirely to a life of prayer and penance. But their sacrifices and their prayers reach out to the world they have left behind. They have not fled the world because they did not enjoy the life they had there. They love the world – they love life – and they have found it in all its richness and beauty...by giving themselves to God.
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Great to Have
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Mar 31, 2020  |  By regina r.
I don't know where my childhood scapular ever went, but when I saw this I knew it was time to have a new one. It is simply yet beautifully made and is not scratchy.
regina r.

Brown Scapular
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Aug 16, 2015  |  By jill
i love my scapular! it's beautifully made. thank so much!

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