Old World Bread Mix ("Johnny Bread")

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From St. John's Abbey
"Johnny Bread"

The recipe for this Old World mix was brought to Minnesota and perfected by pioneer Benedictine monks from Bavaria. Melding rye flour common in Europe with lighter wheat flour abundant in the USA, its rough texture and distinctive crust is a central part of St. John's tradition -- prized by residents and visitors alike. "The Loaf That Became a Legend" is now available to bake at home! Mix is approx. 15 ounces and includes a yeast package and instructions for bread machines or regular baking. Baked loaf makes eight two-slice servings.

St. John's Abbey: Collegeville, Minnesota

Saint John's Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota is a Benedictine monastery affiliated with the American Cassinese Congregation. The Abbey was founded from Saint Vincent Abbey of Latrobe, Pennsylvania in 1856. Saint John's is the second-largest Benedictine abbey in the Western Hemisphere, with 153 professed monks. The community operates The Liturgical Press, St. John's University, and St. John's Preparatory School, all located on the 2500 acre Abbey site, which comprises lakes, prairie, and hardwoods on rolling glacial moraine, and has been designated as a natural arboretum.

The Abbey's Hill Museum and Manuscript Library is also the home of the St. John's Bible, the first completely handwritten and illuminated Bible to have been commissioned since the invention of the printing press.