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From the Carmel of the
Immaculate Heart of Mary
MONK SHOTS (10 pods)

Monk Shots were created by coffee experts the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming for use in your single-serve coffee maker (compatible with all major single-serve brewers including Keurig ®, Breville ®, Mr. Coffee ® and Cuisinart ®). Each pod contains up to 20% more coffee than most major pod brands, making for a richer, fuller cup; unlike other single cup options, Monk Shots are made with recyclable materials.

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Coffee Variety Pack
Includes Mystic Monk Blend, Midnight Vigils Blend, Breakfast Blend, Carmel, Royal Rum Pecan and Vespers Decaf

Mystic Monk Blend
The perfect monastic balance of aroma, flavor and body.

Carmel Coffee
The sweet goodness of your favorite caramel sundae topping is mixed with the best brown beans.

Breakfast Blend
A vibrant blend of light-bodied coffee sure to wipe the sleep from your eyes with a cheerful, fruity taste.

Midnight Vigils Blend
A perfectly balanced blend of South and Central American coffee beans that deliver the dark, smooth, rich, full-bodied, taste you want without a bitter aftertaste.

Royal Rum Pecan
Especially nutty and fragrant, with regal tones of pecan pralines, rum, and fresh cream.

Vespers Decaf
A rich, dark roast of South American decaffeinated Arabica coffee, with bittersweet chocolate and malt notes.

Warning: Monk-Shots are stronger than regular single serve coffee pods and can produce far more coffee with a much more delicious taste. This taste is due to the freshness, quality and amount of coffee in each Monk-Shot. (Use the larger size cup setting for a normal cup of coffee and less for a very delicious strong coffee. The monks recommend using the 10-oz setting on your machine for a normal cup.) Enjoy Monk-Shots at your own risk of never buying the other brands again!

How do they brew such delicious coffee?

: Each pod contains up to 20% more coffee than most major pod brands.

Fresher: Packaged and sold to you quickly for a fresher taste.

Strong Aroma: The filtration system breathes on each pod, so that you can smell the delicious aroma of Mystic Monk Coffee before brewing it!

Authentic: The filters also allow for a richer taste that does not have a plastic hint to it like other pods.

Recyclable: Unlike other single-serve options, Monk-Shots are made with recyclable materials.

Product Reviews

  • Maximum Deliciousness

  • I am in love with the variety pack. My favorite is the Carmel. So smooth and flavorful. I am really impressed. I also really like the Decaf option also for the evening. I am huge fan of the monk shots. The flavor, taste, and quality is top notch. Forever going to be my main staple in my Keurig Drawer.

  • Posted by Teej on Mar 10, 2020
  • Monk Shots

  • These were purchased for a Christmas gift. The recipient is already a fan of Mystic monks coffee and was delighted to receive them as a gift. I was happy that my order was processed promptly and I received the package well before Christmas

  • Posted by Laurie Z. on Jan 1, 2020
  • Whiskey cake & Coffee Variety Pack

  • This was CHRISTMAS PRESENT. The 2 persons Were delighted at my choice. The cake and coffee were their favorites.

  • Posted by Mary Anne on Jan 7, 2019
  • great flavor

  • Love the teas and coffees great flavor

  • Posted by Mary N. on Mar 12, 2018
  • given as gifts

  • given as gifts, so I am not sure how the lucky receivers liked them, but I am sure they were appreciated. In general, I am able to find a gift for all hard to buy for people because your merchandise is so novel, and well made.

  • Posted by Joann D. on Feb 14, 2018
  • Coffee variety pods

  • Everyone enjoyed their coffee at our Christmas breakfast! Great coffee!

  • Posted by Lucille F. on Jan 4, 2018
  • Mystic Monk

  • It is very nice to be able to enjoy your excellent coffee in the :Monk Shot: packaging. Thank you for the convenience.

  • Posted by B. G. on Nov 26, 2017
  • perfect flavor

  • Nice perfect flavor to wake up the brain and body in the morning. Good for lunch also. Does not cause the jitters.

  • Posted by Cynthia R. on Oct 10, 2017
  • Delicious

  • I bought this as a gift--the recipient loved the aroma/flavor!

  • Posted by Jacalyn L. on Mar 9, 2017
  • Monk Shots

  • A well appreciated and enjoyed gift

  • Posted by Joan on Jan 3, 2017
  • best cup of coffee

  • I tried this coffee the morning after I received it and must say it made the best cup of coffee I have had in a very long time. Everyone should give it a try.

  • Posted by Douglas N. Jr on Oct 28, 2016
  • Nice variety!

  • A wonderful way to try all of the Monk Shots brand coffees!! Truly wonderful flavor and so much more for your dollar than store bought. There is no better coffee made anywhere!!!

  • Posted by Gene on Jun 23, 2016
  • Amazing

  • Excellent Coffee - Amazing fullness, no bitterness.

  • Posted by Bob A. on Mar 22, 2016
  • superb blend

  • This blend is robust but not bitter.

  • Posted by susan on Mar 22, 2016
  • Great!!!!

  • No finer coffee can be found and it helps the order!!! We've already re-ordered!

  • Posted by Gene O. on Mar 1, 2016
  • Monks Shots Coffee Variety Pak

  • Great opportunity to sample the various flavors.

  • Posted by Kenneth E. on Jan 26, 2016
  • Yummy flavor - royal rum pecan

  • If you enjoy flavored coffees, then you will enjoy this. A nice change of pace.

  • Posted by Stormy on Jan 14, 2016


  • Posted by CAROL A. C. on Dec 29, 2015


  • Posted by CAROL on Oct 26, 2015

  • This coffee is fantastic, so satisfying and flavorful.

  • Posted by CAROL on Oct 6, 2015
  • Best Coffee

  • This is the best coffee in pods we've found. My husband loves strong coffee so he drinks "Midnight Vigil" while I prefer the milder "Breakfast Blend".

  • Posted by Maura M. on Sep 15, 2015
  • Best coffee I've had!!

  • When I open the box just the smell of the coffee makes my mouth water. I've had breakfast blend, midnight vigil, royal rum pecan, mystic monk, caramel, and pascha Java and love every one of them. You can set the keruig to the largest cup size and still get a strong flavorful cup of coffee. I feel like they aren't as bitter as a regular k cup either. these are my favorites and will always be stocked in my kitchen. Thank you for a great product!

  • Posted by Faith C on Jul 11, 2015
  • Was O.K.

  • The caramel coffee was O.K. but the taste of caramel was not that strong. I love hazelnut flavor but the only one you have in that flavor is decaf. Sorry but I like a stronger flavor.

  • Posted by Carol on Jul 1, 2015
  • Coffee pods

  • Great way to try most all of your flavors!

  • Posted by Jennifer on Jun 30, 2015
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