Monasterboice Cross (small)

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Muiredach's High Cross is a carved sandstone cross from the 10th century, located at the ruined monastic site of Monasterboice, County Louth, Ireland. It has been described as the most beautiful specimen of Celtic stonework now in existence; and among Ireland's greatest contributions to European sculpture.

Bring a reminder of Irish culture and spirituality to your home with this version of the Monasterboice Cross, hand-crafted using 5000-year-old Irish turf from some of Ireland's oldest boglands. Traditionally in rural Ireland, turf (partially decomposed vegetation, which has accumulated in bogs for thousands of years) is cut into sods, dried and used as a fuel. For these pieces, a kiln is used to dry the turf, which is then processed in order to ready it for carving with Celtic designs. 4 7/8" H x 2" W x 7/8" D, gift boxed.

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