Marriage of the Heavens & the Earth (CD)

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Hildegard von Bingen

After being forgotten for several centuries, Hildegard von Bingen is recognized today as one of the universal minds in Western culture. The abbess at the monastery of Saint-Rupert close to the town of Bingen, Hildegard was a composer, writer, physician and visionary who lived in the 12th century A.D.

She is considered one of the leading composers of the Middle Ages. Only a few decades ago, the incredible treasure of her surviving work was rediscovered and presented to a larger audience. This CD, featuring Catherine Braslavsky (voice & dulcimer) and Joseph Rowe (lute & percussion), contains some of von Bingen s best known compositions. In Latin; English translations included.

12 selections
Total time: 47:32

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1. O Viridissima Virga (SAMPLE)
2. O Tu Illustrata (SAMPLE)
3. Laus Trinitate (SAMPLE)
4. O Frondens Virga (SAMPLE)
5. O Ignis Spiritus
6. O Virga ac Diadema
7. Spiritui Sancto
8. Kyrie Eleison
9. Ave Generosa
10. O Jerusalem
11. O Viriditas Digiti Dei
12. O Pastor
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love the album
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Mar 1, 2019  |  By Henry H.
My friends and I all love the album. In French we say, "Je suis aux anges!"
Henry H.

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