From St. Gregory's Gourmet Foods
For Grilling, Cooking & Dressing

Travel the USA with St. Gregory's Gourmet Foods and enjoy some of our country's most distinctive flavors.

  • Boston Lemon Pepper
  • From Boston comes the zest of lemon pepper.
  • Louisiana Cajun
  • From Louisiana's Bayou enjoy a blend of Cajun spices.
  • Kansas City Steak
  • Kansas City marinade is filled with great barbeque flavor.
  • Santa Fe Mesquite
  • From Santa Fe comes the taste of burning mesquite and the great outdoors.

    All can be used on meat, seafood or vegetables.

    6 oz. bottles $9.95 each
    Mix & match any combination of 3 or more marinades for $8.95 each
    ** All discounts are applied when you check out.

    • Kansas Steak Marinade (Item #1736)
    • $9.95
    • -+
    • Lemon Pepper Marinade (Item #1735)
    • $9.95
    • -+
    • Louisiana Cajun Marinade (Item #1737)
    • $9.95
    • -+
    • Mesquite Marinade (Item #1738)
    • $9.95
    • -+
    The Brotherhood of Saint Gregory

    Sales of St. Gregory's Gourmet Foods support the work of the Brotherhood of Saint Gregory, which is a Christian Community of the Episcopal Church. Its members, clergy and lay, follow a common rule and serve the church on parochial, diocesan and national levels. Members are encouraged to develop their gifts and talents under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They support themselves and the community through secular or church-related work. Their trust that all labor and life can be sanctified is summed up in their motto: Soli Deo Gloria, To God Alone the Glory.

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