Lavender Pillow Inserts

From Esperanza Threads
Natural sleep therapy

Handcrafted by Esperanza Threads, a ministry of Ursuline Sisters which employs the poor and pays fair wages. They use all-natural materials: 100% lavender blossoms, cotton muslin and wool yarn. Sweet Dreams!

Just slip between your pillowcase and pillow to breathe the gentle scent of lavender all night long.

Approximately 8" x 11"

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Esperanza Threads: Bedford, Ohio

Esperanza Threads was founded by Ursuline Sister Mary Eileen Boyle in 2000 as a democratically operated cooperative that employs low-income individuals at a fair wage, manufacturing organic cotton clothing in Bedford, Ohio. The name esperanza means "hope" in Spanish and Mary Eileen says: "We have a big hope for all those who are and will become a part of this cooperative and succeeding cooperatives." Mary Eileen envisions the cooperative as a way to help create systemic change; an example of a different economic system; one where everyone's basic needs can be met. Members of Esperanza are partners with faith communities and civic groups where they speak on the issues of fair wages, outreach to the un-employed and under-employed and the need for reducing chemicals in our personal and global environment.

Sr. Mary Eileen Boyle