Handwoven Bookmark with Chapel

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From Monastery of
Our Lady of the Desert

Rooted in desert simplicity, the Monastery of Our Lady of the Desert in New Mexico is home to a small group of nuns living in community according to the Rule of St. Benedict.

Their bookmarks make a great addition to your collection of prayer and meditation books, or a welcome gift. Handwoven of cotton by a nun; they come, as shown, in a variety of color combinations; please let us choose. Approximately 9" long x 1 1/4" wide.

Monastery of Our Lady of the Desert: New Mexico

The Roman Catholic nuns of the Benedictine Monastery of Our Lady of the Desert shared the high desert environment near Abiquiu, New Mexico, with the monks of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert from 1997 to 2008. Their numbers have grown, and they have moved to Gobernador, New Mexico, where they are praying, working, and planning to build a new monastery on 40 acres of land donated for the purpose.

Our Lady of the Desert was founded in 1990 to reflect the feminine expression of desert monasticism by Sister Ann and Sister Elizabeth. As contemplative nuns, they live a life of silence and solitude, seeking God by observing the Rule of St. Benedict. They are small but multi-national community of sisters from the United States, Guatemala, and Vietnam. Their work includes making, altering and repairing the habits for the monks of Christ in the Desert. Some sisters, who are skilled in certain crafts such as weaving or making rosaries, sell their crafts.