From Silence to Light (CD)

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Chant from 4 Different Monasteries

This CD is a compilation of the efforts of the Benedictine choirs of the Abbeys of Santo Domingo de Silos, Saint-Wandrille, Notre-Dame de Ganagobie, and Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux.

Gregorian Chant is part of a liturgical act. It is a prayer, a commendation to the Lord, Its lyrics are sacred, almost always taken from the Holy Scriptures, and particularly the Psalms. Therefore it is an inspired music, born from the revealed texts, prayer and contemplation. All chants in Latin. 12-page booklet with Latin text and information about each monastery. 23 selections, total time: 63:28

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Monks Choir of the Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos
1. Salve Regina - Antienne (SAMPLE)

Missa VIII: De Angelis
2. Kyrie VIII
3. Gloria VIII
4. Credo III
5. Sanctus VIII
6. Agnus VIII
7. Requiem Æternam - Graduel
8. Victimæ Paschali Laudes - Sequence
9. Salve Festa Dies - Hymn
10. Veni Creator Spiritus - Hymn

Monks Choir of the Abbey of Saint-Wandrille
11. Asperges Me - Antienne (SAMPLE)
12. Lætetur Cor - Introït
13. Credo I
14. Pater Noster

Monks Choir of the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Ganagobie
15. Claris Conjubila - Hymn (SAMPLE)
16. Gaudeamus - Introït
17. Domine Prævenisti - Graduel
18. Vir Dei Benedictus - Alleluia

Monks Choir of the Abbey of Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux
19. Vexilla Regis - Hymn (Venance Fortunat, VIth Century) (SAMPLE)
20. Stabat Mater
21. Magnificat Royal
22. Alma Redemptoris Mater - Antienne
23. Ave Maris Stella - Hymn

Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos: Spain

The Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos is a Benedictine monastery in northern Spain, which dates from 929, when it was dedicated to Saint Sebastian. It declined following Muslim raids, but was restored under the leadership of Saint Dominic of Silos (ca 1000–1073), who was abbot of the monastery, and after whom it was later renamed.

In 1835, the Abbey was forced to close under local political pressure, but by 1880, a group of monks from the Abbey of Saint-Pierre de Solesmes in France arrived to reestablish monastic life. The Solesmes monks also re-founded the choir under their own then newly-devised guidelines for plainchant singing, which is still the recognized standard for Gregorian plainsong performance within the Catholic Church. The Chorus of Monks of the Monastery of Silos has long been recognized as one of the finest in the world; they began to make recordings as early as 1957. They became internationally famous with the issue of several Gregorian chant albums in the 1990s, most famously Chant.