Frances Nevins: Mid 20th Century Carmelite

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Frances Nevins (Sr. Christine Marie of the Holy Spirit, OCD, 1930-1980) left family, fortune, husband, friends and the scholarly life for one reason -- the love of God.

Author Joan Ward Mullaney, Ph.D., who served as Professor and Dean at the Catholic University of America, was Frances Nevins' friend of nearly a quarter-century, and visited and corresponded with her regularly during her twenty years in Carmel. Entrusted with her journals and retreat notes by the Prioress of her convent after Frances' death, Mullaney has produced a spiritual biography of a modern American Carmelite called "the holiest person I ever knew" by Jesuit theologian Charles Reardon, SJ, her confessor. Mullaney presents Nevins as friend, scholar, wife, nun and mystic, using her own words exactly as she wrote them.

The writings span twenty years of sea change in her own life, monastic life and society. She writes about her extraordinary relationship with God, describing it with clarity, care and unmistakable knowledge. Through prayer-filled words, her faith, love and trust are evident. Her writings also show that, despite her omnipresent poor health, suffering did not become central; love was central. Trust in God, she affirmed over and over, will take care of everything. 48 pages of B&W illustrations. Paperback, 315 pages.