Easter at Ephesus (CD)

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From the Benedictines of Mary,
Queen of Apostles

Number 1 bestselling Billboard Classical Traditional artist for two consecutive years, the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles join forces once more with 11-time Grammy Award-winning producer Christopher Alder for their newest release Easter at Ephesus.

Features an array of glorious chants and exhilarating hymns for Eastertide with the heavenly voices of the nuns that have inspired listeners throughout the world. The 27-tracks span the season of Easter through Pentecost.

The album features a 12-page booklet with photos of the nuns and all the lyrics in English and (with English translation).

27 selections
Total time 63:04

Priory of Our Lady of Ephesus: Gower, Missouri

The community of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles first began in 1995, consecrated to Our Lady, and offered to her service. The sisters follow a monastic horarium as laid out by St. Benedict in his Rule, and chant (in Latin) the Divine Office according to the 1962 Breviarium Monasticum.

The sisters follow their call to emulate Mary in her final, hidden years at Ephesus, where, by tradition, she spiritually supported and encouraged St. John and the other Apostles. They offer their lives in prayer and sacrifice for priests, whom they see as the new apostles of the Church, and as their spiritual sons, who bear God's truth to the world. They extend customary Benedictine hospitality most especially to priests, offering them the spiritual refurbishment so often denied them in their work.

Their monastic "labora" — other than their everyday domestic responsibilities (cleaning, cooking, gardening, farm work, etc.) — is devoted to making vestments, albs, surplices, and altar linens for use in the Sacrifice of the Mass.

Track Listing:

1. This is the Day (SAMPLE)
2. Regina Caeli (Aichinger) (SAMPLE)
3. The Clouds of Night (SAMPLE)
4. Victimae Paschali (SAMPLE)
5. Alle Psallite Cum Luya
6. Christ the Lord Hath Risen
7. Haec Dies (4 part)
8. Pascha Nostrum
9. Jesus Christ is Ris'n Today
10. Regina Caeli Jubila
11. Alleluia Ye Sons
12. Sicut Cervus
13. Sons and Daughters
14. Regina Careli (original)
15. Salve Festa Dies
16. Haec Dies (8 part)
17. Exultemus et Laetemur
18. Her Triumph
19. Ascendit Deus
20. Sing We Triumphant Hymns of Praise
21. Oculus Non Vidit
22. Concordi Laetitia
23. Queen of Priests
24. Veni Sancte Spiritus
25. Confirma Hoc Deus
26. Veni Creator
27. Come Holy Ghost
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Easter Ephesus CD
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