Daytime Prayer (paperback)

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from the Office of the Dead
By Br. Bernard Seif

In this fourth book in the Office of the Dead series, Abbot Francis lets Pennsylvania and his responsibilities at the Salesian Monastery fade into the background of his mind. However, something unsettling is happening among the members of his little community. Disappearing personal articles in the monastery, stories that are just a little too hard to swallow, and a man living with the small community of monks and nuns who is trying out his vocation there, have everyone very much unsettled.

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Brother Bernard Seif: Brodheadsville, PA

Brother/Doctor Bernard Seif is a Catholic monk and clinical psychologist, board-certified in behavioral medicine, who belongs to the Salesian Monastic Community in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania. He is a doctor of traditional naturopathy, specializing in Chinese medicine and skilled in the practice of Medical Qigong and Chinese herbs. He brings together the best of the Eastern and Western medicine and healing philosophies in his teaching and practice. He is widely published in professional journals and has used his insights about a wide range of healing practices to write a series of monastic mysteries. Brother Bernard is a professional member of the National Qigong Association USA, as well as its ethics chair, and a member of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong.