Corsendonk Christmas Ale Glass

(33 cl/11.2 oz)

These traditional beer glasses are perfect for enjoying Corsendonk or any aromatic monastic or monastery-style brew. Elegant stemmed form with Corsendonk Christmas Ale logo and gold-plated rim. 3-1/4" diameter x 6-1/2" H

Single glass $6.95
Set of 6 $36.00!

  • Corsendonk Christmas Ale Glass (single) (Item #3861)
  • $6.95
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  • Corsendonk Christmas Ale Glass (set of 6) (Item #3862)
  • $36.00
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Corsendonk is a Belgian abbey-style beer brand named for the Augustinian Priory of Corsendonk in Oud-Turnhout, which was in operation from 1398 to 1784. The surviving buildings of the priory were restored in 1968 as a hotel complex. In 1982, Jef Keersmaekers, grandson of Antonius Keersmaekers who had founded a local brewery in 1906, was approached by the local tourist office to use the Corsendonk name for its abbey association, to market abbey-style beers. He launched Pater Noster, now called Corsendonk Pater (or "Abbey Brown Ale" when marketed in America), and Agnus Dei, now called Corsendonk Agnus (or "Abbey Pale Ale" when marketed in America). Other varieties include Corsendonk Blond, Corsendonk Bruin and Corsendonk Christmas Ale.

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