Good Shepherd Cross (bronze)

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Imported from Germany
From the Abbey of Maria Laach

Christ, the Good Shepherd, rescues one sheep so that the community may be complete again. A wonderful gift for anyone in ministry or other helping professions. Solid bronze. Hangs on wall. 2 5/8" x 3 5/8"

Maria Laach Abbey: Germany

Maria Laach Abbey (Abtei Maria Laach) is a Benedictine abbey (founded in 1093) in northwestern Germany. Located on the wooded shores of a crater lake (the Laacher See), Maria Laach's well-preserved basilica, with its six towers, is a noteworthy example of German Romanesque architecture.

The Benedictines of the Beuronese Congregation moved into the monastery in 1892. Their industries include agriculture, a garden nursery, publishing and a foundry for religious art. They have become world famous for their bronze work which now includes garden gates and other large pieces. Lay people cooperate with approximately 80 monks as sculptors, artists, and illustrators and in the publishing department.