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Sale Gifts

Sale items are sold "while supplies last". If items are sold out or quantities are short, we'll charge and ship what is available. Sale items are non-returnable.

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Head of this House Plaque (72296) Item 4001

Serenity Prayer Cards (25-pack) Item 4004

World Meeting of Families Prayer Cards (25-pack) Item 4218

Pope Francis Thumbs Up Keychain Item 4215

Pope Francis Thumbs Up Decal Item 4213

Pope Francis Thumbs Up Arched Desk Plaque Item 4211

Our Lady of Carmel Wool Scapular Item 4161

Madonna Rosary Holder (with FREE rosary) Item 4165

Red Rosebud Rosary Item 4159

Saints Collection Candle Wrappers Item 4037

Angels Collection Candle Wrappers Item 4035

Flameless Candle Item 4034

Sacred Heart Mug Item 3945

St. Peregrine (wood diptych) Item 3885

St. Therese (wood diptych) Item 3882

St. Benedict of Nursia Figurine (bronze) Item 3849

Madonna with Child Figurine (bronze) Item 3848

Trinity Earrings Item 3846

Trinity Pendant Item 3845

Crucifixion Sacred Stained Glass Item 3638

Water from the Jordan River Item 3565

St. Patrick Sacred Stained Glass Item 3557

Trappist Preserves Ball Cap Item 3352

St. Brigid's Cross Item 3341

Divine Mercy (arched diptych) Item 3321

St. Patrick (statue) Item 3157

Christ Pantocrator (Sinai) Icon Item A13

Bronze Tree of Life Crosses Item A09

Corded Woodtone Rosebud Rosary Item Sale Gift

Northwest Alder Plank Grilling Set Item Sale Gift
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