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The Netherlands: La Trappe Trappist Ale

Brewed in the idyllic Dutch countryside since 1884, Koningshoeven is one of only a few authentic Trappist breweries outside of Belgium. Business at Koningshoeven is guided by Father Abbott Bernardus, who oversees every aspect of the day-to-day operations. Bernardus' is the final word on packaging, recipes, and image, and his daily involvement ensures that the entire brewing staff remain mindful of the special place in which they work. Being Dutch, you will find the beers of Koningshoeven to be crisp and clean tasting, two hallmarks of beer from Holland. Malt, hops and yeast reveal themselves clearly and well, making for a satisfying, "more-ish" ale that is drinkable and complex, uncompromised yet approachable, flavorful and balanced. All are bottle-conditioned for maximum flavor.

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La Trappe Witte 11.2 oz Item 4158

La Trappe Dubbel 25.4 oz Item 3178

La Trappe Tripel 25.4 oz Item 3182

La Trappe Quadrupel 25.4 oz Item 3180

La Trappe Quadrupel 11.2 oz Item 3179

La Trappe Isid'or 11.2 oz Item 3737

La Trappe Glass Item B52
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