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Austria: Engelszell Trappist Beer

Engelszell Abbey (Stift Engelszell) is the only Trappist monastery in Austria. It was founded in 1293 by Bernhard of Prambach, Bishop of Passau, as a Cistercian monastery. It suffered a decline in the period of the Reformation and for a time passed into private ownership.

It was re-founded as a Trappist monastery in 1925 by refugee German monks expelled after World War I from Oelenberg Abbey in Alsace. In 1939 the abbey was confiscated by the Gestapo and the community evicted; four monks were sent to Dachau Concentration Camp. At the end of the war, only about a third of the previous community returned, augmented by refugee German Trappists. As of 2012, the number of monks in the community was 7.

The monastery lives mostly on income from its agricultural produce. It has become known both for its liqueurs and for its cheese. In May 2012, the International Trappist Association approved Engelszell to be the 8th producer of Trappist beer, and only the second outside of Belgium.

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