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The Book of Kells: An Illustrated Introduction (paperback) NEW! 

An Illustrated Introduction

The Book of Kells is a masterpiece of medieval art-a brilliantly decorated version of the four Gospels with full-page depictions of Christ, the Virgin, and the Evangelists, as well as a wealth of smaller decorative painting. The strange imagination displayed in the pages, the impeccable technique, and the very fine state of preservation make The Book of Kells an object of endless fascination.

This edition reproduces the most important of the fully decorated pages plus a series of enlargements showing the almost unbelievable minuteness of the detail; spiral and interlaced patterns, human and animal ornament-a combination of high seriousness and humor. The text is by Bernard Meehan, the Keeper of Manuscripts at Trinity College, Dublin.

Paperback, 110 color illustrations, 96 pages, 7-1/2" x 9-3/4"
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4441 The Book of Kells: An Illustrated Introduction (paperback) 1.500 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

Celtic Blessings Coloring Book (paperback)

Coloring Book

This coloring book for adults is not only a simple path to making something beautiful, it has a spiritual element as well. For anyone looking for some relief from stress, and for a fun and artistic new activity, enjoy the calming peace and focus found in coloring.

For anyone who loves Celtic spirituality, coloring these 30 patterns, each paired with a blessing, will relax the mind and enrich the heart. Paperback, 64 pages, 7" x 8-1/2"
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4273 Celtic Blessings Coloring Book (paperback) 0.500 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

Glenstal Sunday Missal (hardcover)

Imported from Glenstal Abbey, Ireland

This ever-popular Irish missal from Glenstal Abbey has been reissued following the revision of the Roman Missal. It again covers the three liturgical years, containing all readings, along with personal pieces of reflection and meditation from Glenstal's Benedictine monks, as well as the Order of Mass. Hardcover with gilt page edges and six ribbon markers, 1287 pages, 4 5/8" x 7"
Item # Description Price Ship Wt. Qty  
3614 Glenstal Sunday Missal (hardcover) 2.000 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

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